Artificial Intelligence: Robots That Walk Among Us

Robot and Human Shaking Hands

His story behind ‘Can machines think?’

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI would have a low error rate as compared to humans. If coded properly, AI would have incredible speed, accuracy, and speed.
  • Since AI won’t be affected by hostile environments, they would be able to explore new places and accomplish dangerous tasks that can injure or even kill a human.
  • AI can replace humans in repetitive tedious tasks in many onerous places of work.
  • Using AI we have an opportunity to explore many untapped places like space, mines, and oceanic trenches.
  • AI can be used as personal virtual assistants as they can predict what a user will type, ask, search or do.
  • AI can be used to organize and manage records.
  • AI can be used to interact with humans. Pet robots and avatars can be used for interacting with humans for entertainment purposes.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

  • Ecommerce
  • Navigation
  • Robotics
  • Health Care
  • Gaming
  • Social Media

Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI
  • Super AI

“AI taking over the world”



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